Here is what some of our staff have to say about working on the Nurse Bank.

Hilary Smith

I have worked on the Nurse Bank at East Surrey Hospital for over seven years and I enjoy the flexibility it affords – being able to choose when and where I work, as often or as little as I want to. This has served me very well with my family and church commitments, as I haven’t had to worry about making requests or swapping shifts.

Initially it enabled me to work in different ward environments, meeting different people and gaining experience in various specialities. Now I predominantly work on Brockham Ward and enjoy the continuity that gives and feeling part of the team.

Training is available to ensure skills are kept up to date and payment is made for time attended. I have found all the staff in the Temporary Staffing Bureau most helpful and particularly understanding with regard to my hearing loss and the difficulties that arise from that.

Hilary Smith, Registered General Nurse

Michael Makwaya

I love working on the nurse bank as a Nursing Assistant because the work is varied. I can work in many different areas. Every year the nurse bank pay for me to attend training sessions which enables me to keep my skills up-to-date. All of this gives me the confidence to do my job well.

Michael Mukwaya, Nursing Assistant

Emma Hallam

The nurse bank is very family friendly with flexible shifts. With plenty of work available there is also lots of opportunity to work in different wards and departments which gives variety.

There is in house training for all bank workers yearly, so you can develop your skills and gain experience needed to help make a difference to the patients, so they receive the best possible care. There is always something new to learn and lots of different challenges.

Emma Hallam, Nursing Assistant