Patient Feedback – Your Care Matters

Your feedback is vital in helping us to continually improve the service we provide. Our Your Care Matters survey invites you to answer questions about your experience as a patient. The survey is anonymous and confidential, allowing you to give your honest opinion of your experience. These comments, positive and negative, are analysed, fed back to our staff and used to improve our systems and facilities on an ongoing basis.

We will either text you or, in some cases, write to you, asking you to take part in the survey. As you leave our care you may also be given a coloured card and asked to access the Your Care Matters survey either online by clicking on the icons to the right or by Freephone. Please take the time to complete this survey, helping us to continually improve our service to you.

You can complete the survey online now, by selecting the department where you were treated from the options on the right.

*Day Surgery includes Endoscopy, Chemotherapy, Angio Suite, Limpsfield Eye Ward and Pre-op Assessment.

How will my feedback make a difference?

Look at The Difference Your Feedback Makes page for some of the changes we have made in response to your feedback.

For issues of a personal nature where individual needs were not addressed, please select the patient advice and complaints option from the list on the left.