The Birth Centre

The Birth Centre offers you a home from home setting in the hospital.  We have designed the environment to be comfortable and calm, mimicking the home setting and promoting the release of birth and natural pain relief hormones.

Laura Wetherall

The unit is run by midwives only and available to all women who are eligible for a home birth but have chosen to come to hospital.  It is described as an ‘Alongside Midwifery Unit’ as it is next to our Doctor led Delivery Suite should you need to transfer for additional support during labour.  Please see Birth Place Study (NPEU 2011) for evidence relating to the benefits and risks of choosing and alongside midwifery unit as your place of birth.

The Birth Centre has:

  • Three birth rooms, each with a pool and all en-suite
  • Piped gas and air available in all birth rooms
  • A pull down double bed for you relax in after the birth
  • Dimmer lighting and pool lighting to promote a relaxed environment


If you are unsure whether you are able to give birth in the birth centre due to complications in your pregnancy or your medical history, please speak to your named midwife or consultant or alternatively, arrange an appointment with one of our birth centre midwives via to ensure you have a personalised care plan. You can follow the birthing unit team on Instagram.

Your voice, Your Choice – Personalising your care

Wanting more information and wondering what to do if you are at increased risk of complications, or you need individual assessment, and have not been given a choice of place of birth. Email: and“.