Seeing an obstetric doctor in your pregnancy

What if I have complications? Seeing an obstetric doctor in your pregnancy

You will not always need to see a doctor who specialises in pregnancy (obstetrician) during your maternity care journey.  A midwife is fully qualified in providing safe, routine care and support to you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, birth and early postnatal journey.

If you have any pre-existing health issues or develop any complications during your pregnancy, we will work as a multi-disciplinary team to ensure you receive care from all of the most appropriate professionals to support you.  You will continue to have a named midwife co-ordinating your care.

If you are identified to have any additional care needs, you will be referred for an appointment with an obstetrician (a doctor specialising in pregnancy) who will review and help to ensure you have a personalised care plan informed by your choices – to include any further doctor appointments, scans, blood tests and decisions around where and when to give birth.

Clinics are held at:

East Surrey Hospital – every Monday-Thursday, with Tuesday afternoon specialising in pregnant people with diabetes and thyroid problems. Thursday morning, specialising in maternal medicine. Four weekly there is a COCC Clinic.

Crawley Hospital – every Monday afternoon, ever other Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday. There is an obstetric/diabetic clinic on Monday afternoons.

Horsham Hospital – one clinic on Thursday mornings.