Pregnancy and beyond education classes

We are working to improve the antenatal education program that we have on offer for our families.  At present we offer the following video resources to support you in understanding our service and help you prepare for birth and your baby.

During the pandemic, we have created our SASH Maternity Lives to keep you up to date with what is happening SASH Maternity as well as answering your questions in real time. Biweekly we hold an Instagram live based on a general topic but we welcome any and all questions too. For our previous saved Maternity Lives, head over to our Instagram page and click onto the “SASH Maternity” highlight.

  • Parent craft classes

    We want every person giving birth to be empowered with their choices and attending Parent craft classes can better inform you of your options to do so. We are committed to “the right birth on the right day”.

    Parent craft classes are free NHS offered classes run by a midwife. At this class, the midwife will discuss:

    • the different stages of labour; latent phase, first, second and third stage
    • analgesia
    • What to pack
    • How to prepare
    • Discuss the birth place: home birth, birthing unit, delivery suite, theatre
    • what to expect during the birth and the care you will receive
    • how your partner can support you during the birth
    • the immediate postnatal period after birth
    • Caring for your baby
    • Caring for yourself after the birth
    • Infant feeding
    • Any questions you have

    We would advise attending parent craft classes, especially to first time mums, to gain a greater understanding of your birth preferences and meeting families whose babies are due at a similar time as yours.

    To attend parent craft Classes, please discuss with your community midwife to book these in.

  • Bump to birth

    SASH Maternity offer Bump to Birth sessions for couples to discuss the birth options available at East Surrey Hospital. These are held on the last Saturday of every month in the Burstow training room, at East Surrey Hospital (please email to book your place).

    Please email if you would be keen to attend.

    Please note that due to the pandemic, the Bump to Birth sessions aren’t currently available,

  • Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

    The Wise Hippo birthing programme is a structured antenatal course comprising of four 2.5 hour sessions.

    The Wise Hippo practitioner midwife will support you and your birthing partner to:

    • Become strong and confident parents
    • Building plans that are right for you
    • Positive birth mind-set
    • Calm and relaxed during the labour and birth
    • Bringing it all together for the birth.

    The Wise Hippo birthing programme aims to bust negative beliefs and become an expert in relaxation – whatever the mode or place of birth. The programme will support you discovering techniques to use during the labour and birth, consider what is important to you and prepare for the “right birth on the right day”.

    Do you want to learn tools and techniques to prepare you for labour and birth? For more information and to book, email

    Please note that due to the pandemic, the Wise Hippo birthing programme aren’t currently available,