Planned caesarean births

We would only advise that you choose to give birth by planned caesarean if we have identified a risk for you or your baby in awaiting spontaneous vaginal birth.  Caesareans are a life-saving operation, but for the majority of women they are not the safest mode of birth due to increased risk of heavy bleeding at birth and common complications of post-operative recovery.

Choosing to have a caesarean section leaflet

If a caesarean birth has been recommended for you and your baby, we aim to make this a positive birth experience for you as we would in any birth environment.

The Evergreen Midwifery Team is a team of four midwives and one nurse who will meet you at your 36 week birth planning appointment to help you make choices for your caesarean birth.  These choices will include:

  • Soft theatre lighting;
  • Screen dropping to view the baby (ies) birth;
  • Partner cord cutting;
  • Skin:skin contact
  • Delayed Cord Clamping
  • Music


You will be given specific advice around preparing for a caesarean birth, what to expect and your recovery at this appointment.

Your Pre-operative appointment will also be with a member of the Evergreen Team Service.  This is usually within 3 days of your operation.  At this appointment your birth preferences will be confirmed, you will be provided with pre-operative medication and we will run a series of checks to ensure your readiness for your caesarean birth including blood tests.

A member of the Evergreen Midwife team will meet you on the day of your caesarean birth on our Burstow Ward – the arrival time will be confirmed to you in your pre-operative appointment – and be with you for the birth and immediate postnatal period.  You will also meet your Anaesthetist and Obstetrician who will be with you in theatre and performing your surgery on the Burstow ward.

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