Induction of labour

Many women are advised to have their labour stimulated through an induction process.  The reasons for induction will be based on your individual circumstances and may be as a result of any of the following:

  • Pre-existing or gestational diabetes
  • Maternal age over 40 years
  • Reduced growth in the baby after 37 weeks gestation
  • Reduced waters around your baby
  • Obstetric cholestasis
  • High blood pressure and associated complications of pregnancy, including pre-eclampsia
  • Reduced fetal movements episodes
  • Prolonged rupture of membranes (waters broken for more than 24 hours without labour)
  • Prolonged pregnancy (>41 weeks and 5 days)


Your induction process will always begin on our Rusper Antenatal Ward.

Please call the ward on 01737231764 on the day of your induction to confirm the best time to attend.

Please see the below information leaflet with evidence based advice on Induction of Labour.

Induction of labour information to inform your choices Induction of labour using Dilapan-s information to inform your choices

You may be eligible for an outpatient induction of labour.  Your induction process would be started on the ward and you could then return home while you await signs of labour.  Please discuss this with your midwife or doctor as part of your personalised care plan.

Lots more information and videos can be found on the NHS website here.