Physiotherapy facilitates recovery by helping patients to restore movement and function. The team provides education to empower patients to participate in their own treatment. This enables people to remain independent and productive.

SASH physiotherapists who provide therapy to East Surrey Hospital inpatients and continue care through outpatients once they have been discharged. They provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation and discharging planning.

Physiotherapy team specialisms


Orthopaedic physiotherapists care for patients following elective or emergency surgery or general surgical procedure.

Neurological and stroke conditions

The neuro/stroke team provides assessment and treatment to patients following a stroke or other neurological conditions. They will work with the patient and their carers to identify individual rehabilitation goals.

Respiratory conditions

The respiratory physiotherapy team offers specialist assessment and treatment for patients with respiratory conditions. The team bases each assessment and treatment plan on the best clinical practice. Patients are taught how to clear their chest effectively to optimise their lungs, and learn techniques to self-manage their conditions. The team promotes early rehabilitiation and sets goals to help patients reach their potential.

There is also a dedicated physiotherapy team based at the Lane Fox Remeo Respiratory Centre to help patients in weaning through optimising respiratory status and physical education.


Paediatric physiotherapy offers specialist assessment and treatment for children and young patients on the children’s ward. The team will also visit babies in the neonatal unit or on the postnatal ward who require a physiotherapy assessment.

Care of the elderly

The medical and care of the elderly physiotherapy team support frail patients or those with complex medical cares by providing assessment and treatment.