Medicine for the Elderly

Medicine for the Elderly covers these main areas:

  • General medicine
  • Orthogeriatrics for patients aged 60 and over
  • Community (East Surrey and North West Sussex)
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Falls
  • Dementia and Delirium
  • Older Persons Advisory Liaison Service (OPALS)
  • End of life care


Our team

There are currently twelve consultants in the Medicine for the Elderly team.

The Department of Medicine for the Elderly team provides specialist care and advice for patients over the age of 75 years at the Trust.

The team offers a holistic approach to the care of the elderly, and works alongside a consultant psychogeriatrician and a specialist nurse in dementia for those patients who may require some psychogeriatric expertise.

The Medicine for the Elderly department also works closely with social services, therapists and community teams to ensure patient rehabilitation once they are discharged from hospital.

Pendleton Unit

At East Surrey Hospital, the acute elderly assessment unit is the Pendleton Unit, led by Dr Nayeem Khan and Dr Annie Ellis. It provides a consultant-led holistic assessment for patients who require a multi-disciplinary assessment for patients. There are dedicated therapists, nurses and a pharmacist who work alongside the team.

Our wards

There are currently 5 wards specialising in caring for patients over the age of 75 which are Horley, Integrated Reablement unit (IRU), Kingsfold, Nutfield and Smallfield wards. Each ward has a dedicated multi-disciplinary team focused on caring for elderly patients.

There are 2 Orthogeriatric consultants who care for all hip fracture patients located on Newdigate and Woodland Wards.  The Orthogeriatric team provide joint care for hip fracture patients with the orthopaedic teams. Dr Giokarini-Royal provides a dedicated falls clinic and is the Falls lead for the trust.

The community consultants provide care within in the community linking in closely with the local GPs, care homes and community trusts. There is a dedicated liaison service to both rehabilitation wards at Crawley Hospital and to the Horizon unit at Horsham Hospital. First Community Health provides rehabilitation beds for East Surrey patients at Caterham Dene Hospital.

The department is actively engaged in teaching and training junior doctors and allied health professionals in the management of complex needs of elderly patients.