Your Pregnancy

You will initially meet one of our community midwives in your own doctor’s surgery. The first appointment will take about an hour and the midwife will discuss your medical history and explain the individualised plan of care for your pregnancy. The midwife will explain the options there are for where you can have your baby.

This is also an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you have.

Most women will only need to see a midwife through their pregnancy, but occasionally women will need to have a shared pregnancy care with an Obstetrician at one of our hospitals.

Women who are pregnant with foetal abnormalities may be referred to St George’s Hospital or Kings College Hospital, London for their antenatal care and/or delivery.

Early referral to the midwife allows for an early risk assessment to be carried out, and information and advice to be given on diet, folic acid and any screening tests needed.

Women who have moved into this area and have not yet registered with a GP, can refer themselves direct to the maternity unit by phoning 01737 768511 ext 6712 or 6704.

Positive Birth Movement

Positive Birth Movement groups are free-to-attend support groups connecting mothers and pregnant women to share stories, expertise and positive feedback about childbirth and parenting.