Consultant-Led Antenatal Clinics

In higher risk pregnancies – such as women who have diabetes, heart problems, mental health issues, previous difficult births or expecting multiple births (twins or triplets) – a consultant-led appointment in an antenatal clinic will be offered. Often this is a one-off consultation in which a plan of care for birth will be made. Subsequent care will be with the community midwife and the GP.

Clinics are held at:

East Surrey Hospital – every Monday-Thursday, with Tuesday afternoon specialising in women with diabetes and thyroid problems. Thursday morning, specialising in maternal medicine. Four weekly there is a COCC Clinic.

Crawley Hospital – every Monday afternoon, ever other Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday. There is an obstetric/diabetic clinic on Monday afternoons.

Horsham Hospital – one clinic on Thursday mornings. Anti–D clinics are held on the first and fourth Friday of the month at East Surrey Hospital, Friday mornings at Crawley Hospital, and Monday mornings at Horsham Hospital.

Midwives or GPs can refer pregnant women to the antenatal clinics by phoning 01737 768511 ext 6715

The ANDU is run by midwives and an on-call medical obstetric team from 8am to 6pm every day.  Outside of these hours, ring delivery suite on 01737 768511 ext 6790.

Note to GPs and community midwives: If you are concerned about a woman’s blood pressure, could you repeat the B.P three times over an hour before referring to ANDU as often the blood pressure settles and it may save the woman from needing to attend ANDU.