Specialist Gynaecology clinics

Fast Track clinics

These are held every Monday morning at Crawley Hospital and alternate Fridays at East Surrey Hospital. Women who are seen at the Fast Track clinics will have been referred either after seeing a consultant in another area of gynaecology or by their GP.

Consultants: Mr Peter Townsend, Mr Simon Butler Manuel, Dr Karen Jermy

They are happy to advise GPs – call 01737 768511 ext 1755.

Less than 10% of new patients seen in these clinics turn out to have cancer after investigation.

Follow-up cancer clinics

Once a fortnight at East Surrey Hospital, with Mr Peter Townsend, and at Crawley Hospital with Mr Simon Butler Manuel.

Fertility clinics

New patient clinics with fertility consultants are held on Thursday afternoon at East Surrey Hospital.

Follow-up clinics are held every other week, on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings.

Consultants: Dr Edwin Onugha, Dr Walied Youssef


Urogynaecology clinics

There are three clinics a month held on a Friday morning at East Surrey Hospital and Crawley Hospital.

Consultants: Mr James Penny, Miss Mahalakshmi Gorti


Vulval clinic

This is held monthly, on a Friday, to see women with Vulval problems of premalignant disease, pain or dermatoses.

Consultants: Dr Irene Mann, Dr Usha Natarajan, Mr James Penny


Hysteroscopy service

Outpatient hysteroscopy clinics are held twice a week at the Women’s Centre in Crawley Hospital – Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Hysteroscopy consultants: Dr Cinzia Voltolina, Dr George Richter

Recently, a dedicated room has been created for the hysteroscopy clinic. The newly opened facility will enable all women attending to be treated in a greatly enlarged, modern clinic environment with improved patient comfort and privacy with appropriate access facilities for disabled and elderly patients.

The primary aim of hysteroscopy is to assess the endometrium and patients will often be referred tohysteroscopy following a gynaecology outpatient appointment for abnormal bleeding.

At the appointment, the doctor will carry out diagnostic procedures and/or treatment. Biopsies may be taken and small polyps removed. If a patient is unable to have an IUCD inserted or removed at the GP surgery, this may be done in the hysteroscopy clinic.

Usually it is not necessary to use local anaesthetic for outpatient hysteroscopy clinics, however it may be used on occasions. In some cases, hysteroscopy is performed under general anaesthetic, either at East Surrey Hospital or Crawley Day Surgery Unit.


Colposcopy clinics

All colposcopy clinics are held in the Colposcopy Unit in the Women’s Centre at Crawley Hospital. Whilst most referrals are direct from the Trust’s pathology laboratory, GPs can also refer patients, where there is cause for concern. For more information, see colposcopy service.


One-Stop gynaecology clinic

The one-stop gynaecology clinic is held twice a month on a Thursday morning, for patients with menstrual problems, such as suspected fibroids and pelvic pain. Patients will be seen by a consultant, have a gynaecology ultrasound scan, then given a plan of treatment all in the same visit.


Further information

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