Oral surgery

Oral surgery

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Naomi Rahman

Shrina Nathwani

Daniel Gillway

Chivani Tailor


The oral surgery department focuses on the delivery of care to patients with dentoalveolar needs.  We manage pathology of the face, mouth, jaws and neck (advice, diagnosis and management). This includes patients requiring tooth extractions including surgical removal of teeth (such as wisdom teeth), biopsies, orthodontic-related surgical procedures such as removal of impacted teeth or exposure of impacted teeth and those requiring management of cysts and other types of jaw pathology. We also care for patients with complex medical comorbidities requiring any of the aforementioned treatments.

Treatments under local anaesthetic and conscious sedation are carried out in the oral surgery department; day case general anaesthetic and sedation with an anaesthetist is carried out in the day care centres at East Surrey and Crawley Hospitals.

The Outpatient Assessment Service is open Wednesdays 9-5pm at East Surrey Hospital.

Outpatient assessment clinicsEast Surrey HospitalWednesdays 9am-4.30pm
Treatment under local anaestheticEast Surrey HospitalMonday 9am-4.30pm


Wednesday 9am-4.30pm

Treatment under local anaesthetic and intravenous sedationEast Surrey HospitalWednesday 9am-4.30pm (every fortnight)
Treatment under general anaestheticEast Surrey Hospital



Crawley Hospital

Friday (once per month) 9am-5pm



Tuesday 1pm-6pm

Friday 9-5pm (once per month)


Please note we can only accept electronic referrals via the DERS (Dental Electronic Referral Service).

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