Urological Cancer

The urology cancer MDT is led by consultant Mr Michael Swinn, and meets on Thursday mornings to discuss all new patients with suspected urological cancer. The case history, pathology and imaging are discussed for each patient. Dr Julian Money-Kyrle, a consultant oncologist from Royal Surrey Hospital, Guildford, provides oncological input, including providing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Video conferencing facilities allow the Trust to participate in the SWSH (Surrey West Sussex Hampshire) Cancer Network Specialist Prostate and Bladder MDTs, which occur on Tuesday mornings.

Buckland Urology Unit

Located at East Surrey Hospital, the Buckland Urology Unit is the main hub for inpatient and outpatient urology diagnostics and treatment.

Patients with haematuria or suspected prostate cancer are booked into direct access, one-stop clinic appointments, where the opportunity to carry out diagnostic investigations is available, if appropriate. After the procedure, the surgeon explains the findings to the patient and their family/carers.

Surgical treatment for urological cancers is undertaken at East Surrey Hospital.  Radical pelvic surgery including laparascopic prostatectomy, robotic assisted prostatectomy, cystectomy, penile cancer and complex kidney cancers or RSCH is referred to St George’s Hospital, Tooting, or Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals once a pathway has been confirmed.

Radiotherapy is administered at St Luke’s Oncology Centre, Guildford and occasionally at The Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton.

Chemotherapy is also currently given at St Luke’s Oncology Centre, Guildford. Intravesical Chemotherapy (into the bladder via a tube) is available on the Buckland Urology Unit and offered to patients with superficial bladder cancer. Single installations can be performed by Ward Urology Nurses (those with appropriate training and competency). A subsequent course of treatment is administered by the Macmillan Urology Support Nurses.


All GP Referral Letters, except those referred though the Choose & Book System or Two Week Rule method, should be sent direct to:

Outpatient Booking Office
East Surrey Hospital
Canada Avenue
Redhill, Surrey RH1 5RH

Please do not send these direct to a consultant, medical secretary or any other department. You can of course make the actual outpatient referral letter out to a specific consultant. The Outpatient Booking Office is responsible for processing ALL referrals for outpatient appointments which then initiates the patient’s 18 week RTT status.

Outpatient Referrals made under the Two Week Rule method should be faxed immediately to 01737 231733.