Macmillan Recovery Package

Cancer survival is at its highest ever, with significant improvements made over the last 15 years. The number of people living with cancer in the UK has risen by 400,000 in the last five years – taking the total number of people living with cancer in the UK to 2.5 million. More than half of people receiving a cancer diagnosis will now live ten years or more. This progress has been driven by improvements in our knowledge of how to treat and control cancer, combined with the commitment of NHS staff to deliver transformative care. We need to make sure that we don’t just help more people to live following a cancer diagnosis, but to live well.

Across the Surrey and Sussex Cancer Alliance area in 2014, around 101,000 people were estimated to be either living with cancer or to be beyond their diagnosis and treatment. However by 2030, there could be 168,600 people living with or beyond a cancer diagnosis.

The concept of the national Macmillan Recovery Package, is to help individuals feel supported, empowering them to manage their own care, and giving them appropriate information and support to do so. At Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (SASH) we are working with our partner organisations and local community to implement the Recovery Package elements into all the cancer pathways across the Trust.

The Recovery Package combines several interventions which will help improve the care co-ordination and outcomes for individuals living with or after a cancer diagnosis.

These key interventions comprise of:

  • A Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA) and care planning at key points of the care pathway
  • Education and support events, At SASH we shall be holding an annual Health and Wellbeing event held to share information to support the cancer journey as well rolling out a program ‘Moving on ‘ to help you prepare for the transition to supported self-management. More information on links provided below
  • A Treatment Summary completed at the end of each acute treatment phase and sent to you and your GP
  • A Cancer Care Review completed by your GP or practice nurse to discuss your needs. The review should happen within six months of your GP practice being notified that have had a cancer diagnosis.
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Vandana Khurana

Vandana KhuranaVandana Khurana joined SASH as a Recovery Package lead in 2018. Her primary role is to direct the day-to-day operational management of the project and successful implementation of recovery package elements in a patient’s cancer pathway.

Vandana has a first class Master’s degree in foods and nutrition and has completed   management consultant training from the London School of Business and Finance.

In her last role, Vandana led the Living Well and Beyond Project at James Paget Trust Hospital implementing elements of recovery package and successfully producing a standardised directory of services to be used by patients and clinicians at both acute and primary care.

One of the objectives for the project was to provide information and support to cancer patients and empower them to manage their own care.

Vandana works Tuesdays to Thursdays, ever alternate week and is based at the hub (through Chipstead towards the nursery).

Telephone: 01737 768511 x6962