Patient feedback

“Thank you so much for the Dolly bag which I found very useful and welcome. I think this is a wonderful idea and a personal token of empathy from caring and kind people.”

“I was unfortunate to be given a recent breast cancer diagnosis, but cannot praise highly enough the slick, streamlined service that I have received, starting with the Jarvis Centre in Guildford, culminating in my surgery today at East Surrey. All staff, without exception have treated me with dignity, respect and the utmost sensitivity at a difficult time. I will endeavor to write in to thank individuals, but in the meantime, thank you, and keep doing what you’re doing!”

“I am writing to express how delighted I have been with the service at East Surrey Hospital. Each step has been explained, my questions answered in full and the reassurance that support is there if I needed it. The staff who have treated me have been excellent especially Miss Waheed, Dr Thanapoulou, the amazing chemo unit and breast care nurses Liz and Chris. I know that the staff will continue to deliver the excellent service I received”

“Recently I was admitted to ESH with breast cancer under the care of Miss Waheed and her team. My demons were laid to rest and from the moment I met her, her tranquility and compassion took all of my fears away. I was so well cared for –every step of the way by her and her wonderful team of nurses. I feel extremely privileged to have experienced the dedication of your staff at ESH and will forever be inspired by Miss Waheed, she is someone very special and so positive”

“Thank you Sue and Jan for all of your help during this year”

“Sue, I wanted to thank you for all your support and help which have been instrumental in bringing me through the past couple of months. I am sure you that you must hear this all the time but your hard work and skills and experience are so valuable and make a massive difference.

“Liz  I just wanted to write and thank you for all your support before my surgery. You were so amazing and it really did help having you by my side.  You and Chris have been so wonderful throughout my treatment, leading me through this journey. I know I have a way to go still but I wanted to let you know how appreciated you are

“The Macmillan nurse who was at my appointment was incredibly supportive and reassuring to me”

“Miss Waheed and team – absolutely wonderful. Made me feel totally confident that I could recover. Chris Turner – Macmillan nurse – gave me confidence that I would have someone to turn to for answers when needed”

“All of the staff made every effort to ensure the tests were undertaken in succession without unnecessary delay and this was key to the success of the appointment. Mr Suleiman appeared to have initiated this and worked with the respective departments. All of the nurses specialists involved could not have been more helpful and Liz Darragh offered any follow up assistance and provided her card and telephone number. My brother and I are most grateful for the kindness and effort that was made to ensure that it caused minimum stress to our mother but as she said we were brought up tough!”

“Dear Sue and Jan, thank you so much for your kindness, support and advice…. You’ve helped me stay calm and see things in perspective

“Dear Liz, we spoke on the phone a couple of weeks ago or rather I cried and you spoke.  Thank you for your extraordinary kindness, I will never forget it.  I know how lucky I am and how lucky East Surrey Hospital is to have you on their team”

“To Sue and Jan, I say thank you for being the kind of people you are and doing the things you do

“I was referred to the breast clinic in Crawley where all staff made me feel cared for and were very kind.  I met a surgeon who asked relevant questions, took notes, examined me, ultrasound etc. Passed me on to Mammogram where the care was exemplary. I was treated with great care and respect and was kept informed throughout.

“Yesterday attended MRI at Redhill.  Never in my life received such care and kindness by staff.  So if your reading this and worried know this: You will be cared for, informed, and feel safe.

“As I’m typing received a letter for an appointment for results at Crawley Hospital, so system seems to work efficiently too!  We are lucky to have our dear old NHS”

“As always the wonderful Ms Waheed. She makes me feel secure. Liz, the Macmillan nurse. Listened to my worries and spoke to Ms Waheed on my behalf”

“Sue Gattinesi the Macmillan breast care nurse was lovely, even when I telephoned her a couple of times, very helpful. Another nurse was good too, but didn’t get her name. They were all very nice and caring

“Miss Waheed, her team and the Macmillan specialist nurses (Liz and Chris) have all been wonderful. From the beginning they explained the diagnosis and everything that needed to happen a couple of times so that I could remember at least some of the information until the shock wore off. All treatment happened on time without delay and the care extended through to theatres also. Although the last six weeks have been terrible, having clear information on the diagnosis, the surgery and follow up treatment has made it easier to cope with. I cannot thank everyone enough

“Macmillan senior breast nurse Liz Darragh made me a cup of coffee and went out of her way to make me feel at ease. She spent a long time talking to me”

“I was sent a mammogram appointment at the Jarvis unit at East Surrey which was unexpected because I am in my 70s and I thought these scans were not available for over 70s. Within two days of the mammogram I received a letter recalling me to the Guildford Jarvis Centre where the tests were extensive and informative. The care and help there was amazing and I was given a follow up appointment for the following week. At that appointment I was advised that I had breast cancer and was immediately given an appointment to see Miss Waheed at East Surrey again for a week ahead. Miss Waheed and the nurses explained the procedure and arranged an operation date there and then. There was a nuclear injection arranged and I had a day case lumpectomy the next day. The treatment was incredible and although there was a long wait on the day of the procedure everyone was very concerned and professional. The hospital in all departments was impeccably clean.  At my follow up appointment I was seen early and given complete information about possible treatment and I am just about to have the next appointment with Dr Goh.  Thank you East Surrey – I was hoping to give my story to the Jeremy Vine show recently but unfortunately they ran out of time when I was put through to the studio!

The whole breast cancer team at Crawley, East Surrey, Guildford and Horsham have been excellent. Thank you to everyone.

“Both Mr Suleiman and Annette were approachable and supportive. Although the consultation was brief they were aware they were aware of my anxiety from the outset and were attentive to my needs throughout. The aftercare at the X-ray (mammogram) department after this appointment was also superb. All the staff I came across today made a potentially awful experience more than bearable. This does also include the reception staff too. Thank you.

“Liz I really would like to thank you for listening to my woes and all of the advice that you have given me. You have been a wonderful level of support for me and I always felt that I could pick up the phone or email you if needed. Thank you again”