Election to Council of Governors

Governor Elections 2020

 Could you be a Governor?

We are proud to have an active Council of Governors made up of 27 members of our patients, the public and members of staff, as well as some key partners from the voluntary and health and social care sector.

Our governors act as a critical friend and advisor, representing the interests of the organisation, staff, members and the wider public.

The council of Governors meets four times a year and as a Governor you will receive support from the Corporate Affairs Team.

We will be holding an election for new members of the Council of Governors early in 2020.

Nominations are now open for the elections to our Council of Governors. Elections are being held for two staff positions (nursing and midwifery and non-clinical staff) and 13 of our public and patient governor roles.

If you are a member of the Trust and interested in becoming a Governor, you should have received an e-mail or postcard with the information you need to complete a nomination form by 27 January 2020.

For more information and to complete a nomination form please see the dedicated website.

The Governors provide an invaluable service to the Trust by acting as a conduit and a voice between patients, staff, the public and Trust leadership; raising issues, concerns, suggestions, they also play a crucial role communicating and advocating strategies and plans.

Nominations close on 27 January 2020.

SASH prospective governor information booklet