At East Surrey and Crawley Hospitals, the Phlebotomy departments provide a service to inpatients on designated wards between 7am and 1pm, Monday to Friday.  All request labels must be printed, in the allocated areas on each ward, and available to phlebotomists before 7am.

Inpatient/ward service

A limited phlebotomy service is offered to inpatients at East Surrey Hospital at weekends and bank holidays between 7-11am. Requests made at these times must be restricted to non-routine samples only.

Inpatients MUST NOT be sent to the Outpatients department.

The request labels for the patients requiring phlebotomy must be printed for the phlebotomy staff and in the designated area on the ward before 7am each day.

The phlebotomist cannot and will not accept extra requests during their ward rounds, as this can have a significant impact on the service to other areas.

  • A phlebotomist will visit the ward between 7am and 1pm. There is no set time for each ward, as it is difficult to determine the workload in advance.
  • The phlebotomist will not be able to return to the ward if not required at the time they arrive or if the routine bloods have been already been collected.


Outpatients service

The Phlebotomy clinics at East Surrey and Crawley are open 8am – 6pm for GP patients and outpatients. All requests should be legible and complete with the relevant patient details, and given to the patient who will present it to the phlebotomist.

For any Horsham Hospital phlebotomy enquiries, please contact the department directly.

We are currently using the Vacuette blood collection system. It is important that the system is used correctly to obtain good quality samples and results – for further information, or to book phlebotomy training or an update, please contact:

Kerri Campbell-Bowler
Phlebotomy Services Manager
x 6444 (East Surrey Hospital)
x 4081 (Crawley Hospital)