Acute kidney injury (AKI)

AKI information for GPs and clinicians

In line with the national Think Kidneys acute kidney injury programme led by NHS England, a patient safety alert system is in place at SASH. The system aims to improve the outcome for patients and help make sure that avoidable harm related to acute kidney injury (AKI) is prevented in all care settings and to identify patients with AKI earlier and ensure that they receive the appropriate treatment.

Using a nationally developed algorithum, the alerts will be triggered by the pathology team at levels 1 – 3. Messages will show in Apex and Cerner and phone calls made for all level 2 or 3 alerts, 24 hours a day, alerting you to any patient with acute kidney injury.

Responses to actions taken following AKI alerts will continue to be audited and reported nationally.

Thank you,

Dr Phil Williams
AKI lead
Consultant anaesthetist

AKI resources for primary care

Download the AKI explanation letter for more information



Dr Fiona Harris PhD FRCP
Consultant nephrologist
Dr Anne-Marie Habib
Consultant nephrologist


Renal services for outpatients are available at East Surrey Hospital as part of the South West Thames Renal and Transplantation Unit.  Clinics are held on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons for patients with a variety of renal issues.

Tuesday morning clinic: Dr Anne-Marie Habib

Thursday afternoon clinic: Dr Fiona Harris

Contact the renal outpatients team

East Surrey Hospital
Canada Avenue
Surrey RH1 5RH

Tel: 01737 768511 ext 6482
Secretary: Pamela Jordan

Referring patients

For patients with AKI stage 2 or 3, who require admission, please contact the appropriate on-call medical or surgical team at SASH.


Dialysis services are provided at the Crawley Kidney Unit, which is a satellite unit of the South West Thames Renal and Transplantation Unit.

The Crawley Kidney Unit
Whitworth Road,
Crawley RH11 7SS

Tel: 01293 511 776
Clinic Manager: Karen Latchford